And, what better way to celebrate a great lecture about really expensive jewelry than having a jewelry sale after, no the jewelry wasn’t Cartier, but it all was pretty lovely anyway despite being Faux jewelry. Shortly after taking this picture the room filled up so much that I couldn’t get close enough to take anymore pictures. While the third floor is partly reserved as sales space, it is also the new home for the Geneva Seal watch makers. When Cartier launched their first Tourbillon with Geneva Seal, in 2008, the watchmakers were located at a temporary location in Geneva. Now this important department is integrated in the Geneva Boutique.

Do you believe that luxury watches are also good investments? Soon after studying the testimonies of different people that is well familiar with luxury watches, it came down into one conclusion that it is not for everybody. Investing with high-class pieces ingests solid information and lots of researches done. Not enough knowledge about the actual investments for luxury watches will only cause disaster on the investors’ part. In the next lines, I will restrict just to Cartier, since that’s the brand I’ve been following for a long time. Some models have see-thru backs, so the movement can be inspected on the spot and they were all individually numbered.

I probably bought my first watch to restore in about 1970. It helped that my dad was a jeweler, and that when I was a little kid I used to run errands for him downtown. When I got older, I still knew all his jeweler buddies, and as I got interested in watches they’d offer me wristwatches that came from estates. So in the early days I was buying Patek Philippe Tank watches for $300 to $500 and maybe selling them for $700 to $800. The same watches today are worth about 10 times that.

Tank” is a term that is supposedly registered by Cartier. Even though it is common to refer to tank watches when a watch is rectangular, Cartier has informed me through their New York lawyers that I should not use tank, tank shaped, tank style, tank-shaped, tank-style or tank like. They say that “tank” refers to their product only. I doubt that tank-shaped referring to the shape of a military tank when seen from above would be a violation of their registered tank trademark. To fight this would take such funds, that I will try to refrain from using tank when referring to rectangular wristwatches. What hogwash IMHO.

So, that got me started on a search for a Calibre de Cartier for a price I can afford. I quickly realized that a real one was out of my price range. However, there are some incredible Calibre de Cartier replica watches. If you know where to look, then you can find all kinds of replica accessories. I ordered my favorite model of the Calibre de Cartier replica watch, and it arrived within a week. The belt-buckle version of Tavannes innovative “La Captive” watch model started out as a custom order for King Edward VIII, and was eventually made available to the public, with distribution through Hermes; Photo by