Concise and precise timing – Replica Rolex oyster perpetual watch yacht-master

15The characteristics of the Rolex oyster perpetual watch type yacht-master
Although the birth of the oyster perpetual yacht type is bound to the Rolex family only is “small” underdog, but this does not seem to hinder the position in the Rolex family — high-end watches, precise timing. Sailing and yachts are luxury, so for those who love this kind of sport, for the voyage of collocation’s watch nature also has considerable taste and luxury.

Oyster perpetual yacht type not only looks luxurious, perfect quality to the utmost and due to ship motion group is not small, so this rolex swiss replica watches are also oyster professional watches only a distinguishing specifications of the watch, women’s type, medium type and men’s type, to meet the needs of various consumer groups.

The 40 mm oyster shell type yacht-master, ensure the waterproof under the sea 100 meters, very strong. The original piece of 904L stainless steel is casting unique middle case to corrosion resistance. The bottom cover by special tools Rolex’s tightened, make case completely sealed. On the list with three crown padlock waterproof system patent protection, and the crown shoulder of this rolex yachtmaster replica, firmly tightened in the case. The mirror is made of anti scratch blue crystal glass, in the 3 point position with a convex window, easy to read. The oyster case of the yacht-master type completely sealed to give accurate movement best protection. Therefore, a symbol of oyster perpetual watch is waterproof yacht-master.

This type is used exclusively by Rolex yacht-master developed type 3135 automatic winding mechanical movement. Like all perpetual movement, the type 3135 movement also receives official accreditation chronometer certification, the certification specifically awarded to success by Swiss chronometer Testing Center (COSC) detection precision watches. The tectonic movement and all the same oyster movements are accurate and reliable. As the heart of watch parts, the balance wheel using the patented Rolex blue PARACHROM gossamer, to create their own unique alloy. The hairspring no magnetic field interference, under the temperature change is still very stable, than the traditional hairspring anti force ten times higher.