Rolex Submariner 116610 lv – 97200 green dial wrist watch

Replica rolex watches has a lot of brands and there are a lot of people to buy the same watch, but everyone can wear a different style, also can deduce the inner beauty of the watch from different angles. if you want to have the popular watch, hoping to show your charm as other wearers, you can consider the rolex submariner watch and before your buying on the Submariner Rolex watch, you can keep reading more information about the watch in the follows so as not have any regrets.

Rolex waterghost must have been familiar with a lot of people and the buyers are also very much, which is the result of this watch being very classic, but also very durable, and it is both beautiful and solid model, brand recognition also let the wearer will feel contentment.

6a48a6faab64d2d38c9ed67bb6549857Rolex Submariner series 116610 lv – 97200 green dial wrist watch is characterized by the 40 mm stainless steel watchcase which is matching with the incremental rotary Cerachrom outer ring, which can accurately calculate diving time and step-down, outer ring specially designed grooved let the wearer even wear gloves or in the water easy to operate.

The green watch dial of this rolex submariner replica swiss grade 1 attracts attention and on the watch dial there has the luminous time scale and mercedes-benz hands, which make time to read can be clearly seen in the day and night, fisheye calendar display window is set in the three o ‘clock position. On comfort, the watch is matching with the oyster type strap watch and the strap is equipped with the insurance clasp that can open the oyster type to prevent accident, and does not need to use any tools you can easily extend the Glidelock buckle. Although even you are dressed in diving suits, you still can experience the stable comfortable wearing experience of the watch.