78cc3d590c1216183a5e3afd45205e27Replica watches demystified

Watches from the well known makes like Rolex, Rado, etc which are classified as luxury watches are a coveted lot among people of all age groups. Even a middle class person wishes to own such branded watches. Unfortunately, due to his inability to afford one, his long cherished dream of buying branded watches remains just that, a dream. Replica watches, which are cheaper substitutes of the branded versions, fulfill this dream. Replica watches are clones of the branded originals which carry the name and signature of the brand which they represent, but they are actually fake versions of their original watches.

Today, nearly 15-30% of people surfing online are looking for rolex yachtmaster replica watches. As per recent surveys carried out in the branded watch industry, the replica market costs the branded watch makers billions of dollars each year. Therefore there are constant efforts by them to snuff out the replica watches business. In the year 2010 almost 7,000 replica Rolex watches were destroyed using a steamroller. This was done in front of press cameras. The person selling these fakes was sentenced to prison for six months. Every year, the branded watch makes in collision with the custom officials confiscate thousands of fake watches which come into the country.

The truth about replica watches

Working in tandem with custom officials, luxury watch makers effect the seizure of a number of consignments of fake watches. Still, many of them still make it into the local market as it is very difficult to catch them. Every year luxury watch makers are spending lakhs to advertise their original products and thus improve demand for their products. But, this is helping the replica watch market. As people cannot afford the branded versions, they are looking to fulfill their dreams with their replicas. The replica watch industry has been given birth by the astronomical price levels of luxury branded watches

Currency was the first thing to be faked as it was very dear. Likewise, luxury watches are also very dear due to their exorbitant prices. Therefore, the creation of replica watches which more or less resemble their branded versions. The ultra rich wear branded watches as status symbols. Likewise, middle class people who cannot afford the original branded watches go for their replicas to portray their status in society. Specific streets in countries like Hong Kong,New York and Tokyo are full of these rolex presidential day date replicas of the original products whether it is sunglasses, timepieces or some such.

But, people who buy original products are now afraid that they will be sold fake products in lieu of genuine branded products. Therefore, they approach trusted dealers to buy their luxury products. Although, the odds of this are very slim, the possibility of this happening cannot be negated totally. But, one should understand that fake watches are found in places where you are likely to find a fake product. Well known retailers will always stock the original product. Lately, there has been a gray market for branded watches. Gray market watches are those that are sold outside of an authorized dealer.